History Test Week 5

Hi Everyone,

This week students will have a vocabulary test on the following historical terms. Please remember to study these words and ensure you know their meaning and can correctly use them in a sentence.

  1. Prospecting
  2. Alluvial
  3. Impoverished
  4. Oppression
  5. Cultivate
  6. Debris
  7. Protrusion
  8. Smelted
  9. Alloyed
  10. Puddling
  11. Adversity
  12. Assay
  13. Pristine

Mr J

Torches and Shoe Boxes

Dear Parents,

Over the next two weeks, students in Room 24 will be investigating the properties of light for Science. To support this, I was wondering if anyone had any torches they could lend the class or any shoe boxes they could donate? Ideally the class needs 10 of each. If you are able to help with either of these it would be much appreciated.


Joshua Jardine

Parent Meeting

Dear Parents.

Piara Waters Primary School will be closing from 11:30 on Thursday 21st May to host Parent/Teacher interviews. These will be held in the Undercover area. I am putting up a list of available times on the classroom door for parents to add their names. Those parents who do not or cannot add their names by Friday will be added to available time slots. I will notify parents if I add their names to a meeting time. The purpose of these meetings are to discuss your child’s assessments/progress in English and Mathematics.

Kind Regards,

Joshua Jardine

NAPLAN Timetable

Hello Everyone,

Please find below the order in which the NAPLAN tests will occur this week. Please be aware that testing will commence at 9am and NO late comers may be admitted (they will need to sit the test during the Friday catch up).

  • Tuesday: Language Conventions, Writing
  • Wednesday: Reading
  • Thursday: Numeracy
  • Friday: Catchup

Good Luck!

Mr J