Secret Santa

Dear Parent/Guardian,

This year in Room 24, I am hoping to run a Secret Santa with the students. To participate, students will select a random student from the class on Wednesday the 9th of December. They will then have one week to purchase a gift for this student worth up to $10. Once this gift is purchased, they are asked to wrap it and label it with their selected students name (not their own as we want to keep the mystery!). If possible, we’d like all present in by Wednesday the 16th of December so I can tick off that everyone has a present. Then, on Thursday the 17th of December, we will hand out gifts to celebrate the end of year. If for any reason you wish your child not to participate, please let me know as soon as possible so I can remove their name from the draw.


Kind Regards,

Joshua Jardine

Upcoming Health Lessons

Dear Parents/Guardians,
As part of the Western Australian Curriculum for Health, students in year 5 are required to learn about Puberty and the social, emotional and physical changes that result. In line with this, students in year 5 at Piara Waters Primary School will begin exploring the topic of Puberty from Week 7. As this topic can be sensitive, and some families may wish to discuss it prior to the unit being taught in class, we have included below some of the things we will cover, a unit of work produced by the School Curriculum and Standards Authority for WA (attached to this email) and some places you may wish to visit or contact for more information on the topic. Should you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to contact your child’s teacher directly prior to week 7.

Outline for year 5 students at Piara Waters Primary School:

  • Students will be divided into two groups, one male and one female. Ms Elborough and Ms Ogden will take the female group and Mr J the male group.
  • Session 1: Students will be spoken to about the physical, emotional and social changes associated with puberty (as it relates to their gender). At the end of this session, students will be given one week in which to write any questions they may have and place them anonymously into a question box.
  • Session 2: Student questions will be discussed by each group.
  • Session 3: Each group will spend some time discussing the social and emotional changes associated with puberty and where else they can go for support if they have any questions.
For further information on puberty and explaining it to children, you may like to visit or contact:
Kind Regards,
The Year 5 team

Leadership Speeches

Dear Parents/Guardians,

This week, all year 5 students will take part in the process to select student leaders for 2016. As the process will be run differently to previous years at Piara Waters Primary School, we are sending this email to outline how leaders will be chosen and so you can support your child at home. The process for leader selection is as follows:

  • Week 4-5: Students have written their leader speech in class as part of their Literacy program. This piece of work will contribute to their overall Literacy mark for semester 2.
  • Week 6 (this week) Wednesday/Thursday Round 1: Students will present their leader speeches (the order across the two days will be chosen at random) to their class only. Students will then receive both a mark for their speech from their classroom teacher and fellow students. These two scores will be added together and approximately the top 30 students from the year 5 cohort will be selected to progress through to the second round of voting.
  • Week 6 (this week) Friday Round 2: The 30 students selected will present their speeches Friday morning to all students in years 4-6. Students from years 4-6 will then select 8 students each that they feel will make the best student leaders. Teachers/ and admin members will also select the students they feel best represent the school values. The votes from both parties will then be compiled and approximately the top 16 students will be then be selected as student leaders for 2016. For those parents interested, we will record the speeches on this day for viewing upon request however, we ask that parents not attend the speeches on this day as it can be off putting for some students and we are hoping to keep the process as fair and equitable for all students.

We thank you all for your support with this process and should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact your child’s classroom teacher.

Kind Regards,

The Year 5 Team